Eco-friendly Tips for the Thanksgiving Season

Thankfulness shows gratitude to others. It also makes each of us feel better – warming our spirits, lifting our moods, and even helping our health improve over time.

What’s even better than giving thanks?

For us, it’s giving thanks while going green – call it a ‘Thanksgreening!’ Here are a few eco-friendly tips to add sustainability to your holiday menu

Decorate with nature. Bring fragrant beauty into your home with pine branches, pinecones, acorns, and colorful fallen leaves. And after the holidays, these decorations can all be returned to nature!

Shop locally. Try shopping at a farmer’s market near you. Local foods require less transportation and tend to be grown on smaller farms using more sustainable practices. 

Reduce food waste. Tons of food will be scraped into the garbage this weekend. Cook and serve quantities aimed at reducing food waste. If able, compost leftovers that won’t be eaten.

Send us your favorite recipes! We know Mississippi has some of the best in the nation!

Happy Thanksgiving from Keep Mississippi Beautiful

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