To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, Keep Mississippi Beautiful has cancelled all Great American Cleanup events.  It is tough to express all of our emotions with this crisis.  We are challenged to keep our families safe, our work intact and above all, our spirits alive and well.

Keep Mississippi Beautiful will remain a resource for all of you to connect and improve our environment.

With April 22 being Earth Day’s 50th celebration and events being cancelled or delayed, we encourage you to enjoy fresh air and physical activity as long as we adhere to our local and state guidelines.  A walk is much more gratifying if you pick up litter along the way.

Keep Mississippi Beautiful invites everyone to follow us on social media and also on our website where you will find tips to help us keep Mississippi clean and green while practicing social distancing.  Take photos and tag @KeepMSBeautiful or use #KeepMSBeautiful.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating the
Great American Cleanup and Earth Day:

  1. Tell a friend and challenge them to clean up while they are walking.
  2. Tackle those weeds in your yards and remove any outside debris.
  3. Contact our office to request wildflower seed and join our Wildflower Trails of Mississippi.  Learn more at