Monsanto, Keep Flora Beautiful Clean Up Town Streets

By Keep Mississippi Beautiful staff

IMG_5852 copy

Mosanto and Keep Flora Beautiful teamed up to pick up litter on the town’s streets.

Monsanto and Keep Flora Beautiful recently partnered for a town-wide cleanup as part of Monsanto Gives Back Day. Employees of Monsanto’s Flora research facility picked up nearly 50 bags of litter across a square mile of town.

On August 12, 1,500 Monsanto employees from 40 sites in the United States and Puerto Rico volunteered about 4,500 hours to local communities. Eighteen of these employees hit the streets in Flora!

“Different activities are happening across the country, but one thing all the sites have in common is that we’ve tried to direct our efforts toward an organization or cause that is important to the local community or toward a task we feel needs to get accomplished,” said Sammy Soignier, site lead for the facility.

The cleanup was also part of Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup. Keep Flora Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep Mississippi Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful, which together are working to improve communities by reducing litter and beautifying communities.

Nicole Kitchens, Keep Flora Beautiful’s executive director, said: “We’re so grateful for Monsanto’s employees who gave of their time to improve out town. We look forward to our partnership for a cleaner and greener Flora.”

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